Staten Island Chuck Says...

Staten Island has celebrated the meteorological predictions of local celebrity groundhog Charles G. Hogg (less formally known as Staten Island Chuck) every February 2 since the ’80s.  Each year, borough residents eagerly await to hear if Chuck saw his shadow and that winter will drag for another six weeks or so or if he didn’t and spring is just around the corner.  This event brings together the community where children from local schools and elected officials perform in the activities.

Traditionally, New York’s mayor holds Chuck as the groundhog judges the weather. But that tradition was upended in 2014 when Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped the groundhog during the ceremony. The groundhog died soon after, officially at least for reasons unrelated to the fall. In any event, de Blasio has steered clear of the ceremony since and Chuck remains inside his mobile home on his big day.

City council speaker Corey Johnson officiated the 2020 event, where Chuck emerged from his home without noticing a single shadow, so spring should be here soon.