Spring / Break Art Show - PHOTOBLOG


To celebrate Armory Week, BTR visited the second annual Spring/Break Art Show held at Old School, an old elementary school house in Nolita. The show is a “curated-driven” show featuring large-scale exhibitions and installations from artists hailing from all five boroughs. This year the theme is “New Mysticism” and combines digital art practices and technology with older 20th century art.

Z. Behl’s wooden army.

Sarah Bereza’s “The darkness turns to night.”

Art work by Jennifer Chan.

Work by Ambre Kelly.

“Masses” by Ambre Kelly

“Rodes and Cones” By Tom Smith.

“Room” by Melissa Godoy Nieto.

“Room” by Myla Dalbesio

Spring/Break runs from March 7th-10th at The Old School in Nolita 233 Mott Street.

All Photos by Lauren Hawker. For more check out the BTR Flickr set.