Sending It With Stuyedeyed And The Nude Party

If you didn’t think “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” was a real thing, meet The Nude Party. You’ll be a believer in seconds.

These North Carolina boys are leaving their home in the mountains to set up base in New York. Don’t let their Southern roots fool you. The Nude Party are hard core rockers. They bring the party wherever they go, and NYC is no exception.

Before departing their beloved hometown, they decided to throw a week-long festival of music, water activities, and, of course, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

BTRtoday was there to document all the pandemonium. Check it out below.

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Just arriving to Boone in the Stuyedeyed van following The Nude Party to River Girl to take shrooms and float down a river.


Stuyedeyed getting ready to get wet.


The Nude Party cuddling up on a flamingo floaty named “Pinky Pink Shamwow,” while Don (keyboardist) threatens to piss on Alec (Bassist).


Stuyedeyed’s van breaks down on the way to the show. Nelson (frontman) awaits AAA with the comfort of 24 cans of PBR.


Stuyedeyed playing Black Cat Burrito.


Send It Week day two–at an abandoned football field turned skate park.


Patton from The Nude Party opens the show with his other music project Shasta Ray.


Plastic Pinks plays a wild house show to a rambunctious audience.


The Nude Party ending the show, but not the party.


Next up was a trip to Nashville, where The Nude Party played Fuzz Fest.


The Nude Party’s Connor (drums) & Brose (misc.) DJing at the Fuzz Fest after party at Nashville’s Duke’s.


The Nude Party and Bryan (really funny friend) getting ready to head back to Boone before continuing tour/ Connor with their trusty travel dildo in his pants…


Me with The Nude Party and Friends saying goodbye (for now).