Saturday at Smorgasburg!

As a way to celebrate the end of last week’s hot, humid and wet weather, BTRtoday indulged in the sweet, savory and refreshing food of Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. The open-air food market runs every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. until October.

Kreung Cambodia @kreung_camobodia

Vermont Maple Lemonade

Ring Ding Bar

Abe Nasser from Brunch Street


2nd City Beef @2ndcitybeef

C Bao Asian Buns @cbaoasianbuns

Bon Chovie Restaurant @bonchoviebrooklyn

Bolivian Llama Party @bolivianllamaparty

Sesame baos with beef @maosbao

Cemitas El Tigre

Carmen Low from Singapore enjoys a lobster roll at Smorgasburg

Carnal @carnal_bk

Izzy Meyerson, 16, enjoys a pineapple drink from John’s Juice

Aveline, 18 months, eats an ear of corn at Smorgasburg

Elijah Ewen from Excell’s Kingston Eatery

Mighty Quinn’s @mightyquinnsbbq

Simone Isip of Brooklyn enjoys a John’s Juice