Bushwick Street Art Walk - PHOTOBLOG


Since the 1970s, the walls of New York City have been brought to life by the vibrant works of street artists from across the globe. Brooklyn is home to a variety of these talented and unknown artists.

For only $20, New York City visitors and residents are invited to participate in the street art walk. The tour begins at 2:30 in Willamsburg every Saturday, or in Bushwick every Sunday. BTR had the opportunity of joining guide David Meade on the street art walk this past Sunday in Bushwick.

Meade, an ex-grafter born and raised in the Bronx, dispels his knowledgeable history of street art, and its prolific evolutions, during the course of a 2-hour long walking tour. Meade’s tour exposes the city as a personal gallery for street artists, as participants learn to identify the diverse array of mediums such as paste ups, stencils, murals, stickers, left object, and graffiti.

Below is a preview of a few of the amazing works that can be seen on the tour.

By Swoon.

By MataOne.

By Cost.

By Nard & Buff Monster & Icy and Sot.

By Chris Stain & Billy Mode.

By Danielle Mastrion.

By Nychos & Smithe.

By Blek le Rat.

By Sonnito.

By Fumero.

Sheryo, The Yok, & JBCB.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.streetartwalk.com. All photos by Alexa Hornbeck. For more photos in higher definition, check out the BTR Flickr account.