Summer Streets


For three consecutive Saturdays starting August 4th, seven miles of Manhattan streets will be handed over to pedestrians to walk, run, bike, and play in a city-sponsored event called Summer Streets.  Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the streets without worry of running into cars or trucks as the City of New York shuts down Park Avenue and connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park.

It gives participants the chance to take in the city’s architecture from a fresh perspective and engage in some fun activities such as rock climbing, yoga classes, dance classes, and much more.

Lafayette Street, Soho

Rock Climbing WallRock climbing is one of the many activities at Summer Streets supplied by REI outdoor rock climbing. The traveling wall will be a featured activity at Summer Streets for the next two Saturdays.

Rock Climbing, Soho

My Green Wall NYCOutdoor clothing brand Patagonia asked people to create a wall of suggestions on how to make NYC a more environmentally friendly place to live.

My Green NYC

Bike Rest StationBikers recharge at the rest stop in Soho.

A bikers dream

Lafayette StreetA group of fellow travelers make their way up Lafayette Street in Soho en route to Central Park.

Lafayette Street, Soho

Lafayette Street


Crossing Houston StreetParticipants wait to cross at Houston Street before moving along their designated path.

All Photos by Lauren Hawker. For more, check out the BTR Flickr account.