PHOTOBLOG: Nat'l Kale Day


By Ryan Erskine

Happy (belated) National Kale Day everyone! Despite some light drizzling, Union Square’s Greenmarket was bustling with activity on October 1. It marked the second year of National Kale Day, and many vendors displayed kale of all different colors and varieties in baskets and wooden crates on their tented stands. All manner of veggies, grains, and local foods were on display, but kale enjoyed the spotlight.

Jennifer Iserloh and Dr. Drew Ramsey, co-authors of 50 Shades of Kale, had their own stand at the Greenmarket on Wednesday. They stood behind a sign that asked, “Which kale variety are you?” and gave passersby fun tidbits of information while giving away delicious samples of kale mayo and kale pesto. They offered suggestions for the best variety of kale to put in your pesto—curly!—as well as the astounding nutritional benefits that kale provides.

Iserloh and Ramsey are also the co-founders of National Kale Day, the holiday held each year on the first Wednesday in October to celebrate eating, growing, and sharing kale throughout America. Though the holiday is new—October 1 marked its second year—it promises to be a big hit thanks to the superfood’s recent rise in popularity. When asked about the trend, Iserloh explained, “Kale is packed with nutrition and it’s become America’s mascot for those concerned with healthy eating.”

All photos by Ryan Erskine.

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