Bonnaroo 2012

This year’s annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival took place this past weekend in Manchester, Tenn., featuring headlining performances from the likes of Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the recently reunited Beach Boys, and of course, jam band titans, Phish. The festival’s eclectic lineup of artists from nearly every conceivable strata of music exposure afforded fans from many different walks of life the opportunity unplug their ear buds and acknowledge each other’s existence for once.

But before those walls between niches could come crumbling down, organizers provided a great pastime for attendees waiting in line to see these performances. For the ends of channeling their own inner artiste, fences were erected as an explicit avenue for spray painting and other forms of creative expression. Here are some photos BTR correspondents took from the four-day event, including several noteworthy examples of what became an ad-hoc collaborative art project.

Though numerous designs were commissioned by the festival’s organizers, the lines between amateur and professional began to blur as the days went by.

An ode to the Sunshine State.

Some designs were intricate…

… While others were a bit rushed.

Others still preferred a starker minimalism.

Some featured a query that would arouse an array of differing opinions.

The festival’s ultimate ethos, in paint form.

The central, so-called “What” stage where all headlining acts performed.

The youthful audience, outside of the What stage.

Despite the southern heat, lines for the water fountains weren’t terribly long.

“Centeroo,” or the central vendor area between all the stages,  featured some friendly inhabitants — er, decorations.

Some who felt an ambivalence toward the whole event…

… And others who basked in its positivity.

All photos by Thompson Davis and Matthew DeMello. For more check out the BTR Flickr page.