Affordable Art Fair


This past Wednesday night, BTR correspondent Lauren Hawker was on-hand at the private preview party for the Affordable Art Fair. The event gives New Yorkers the chance to purchase contemporary art that is friendly on the purse strings. Paintings, photography, drawings, and sculptures are all up for grabs. Prices range between $100 and $10,000 with half the artwork below the $5,000 mark. The Fair also takes place in Los Angeles and Seattle and runs from April 19th-22nd.

Affordable Art FairA vibrant yet modest entrance welcomes New Yorkers from the downtown Manhattan area.

Hanoi Jane - Kelly Sullivan“Hanoi Jane” by Kelly Sullivan.

Ghetto Superstar - Mark Chavez“Ghetto Superstar” by Mark Chavez.

Surfin - Cecile Plaisance“Surfin'” by Cecile Plaisance.

NY 1900 Sur Toile - Bernadette Reginster“NY 1900 Sur Toile” by Bernadette Reginster.

Elizabeth Taylor-Artist Bartur and Wade“Elizabeth Taylor” by BarTur and Gary Wade.

Tim Garwood stands by one of his pieces.Artist Tim Garwood stands beside one of his pieces in the gallery.

Rockerfeller Center - Brent Townshend“Rockefeller Center” by Brent Townshend.

AtmosphereAttendees look on and discuss selections of art in a comfortable atmosphere.

Mystic Far West - Francis Koch “Mystic Far West” by Francis Koch.

Et Voila-Don Pattinson “Et Voila” by Don Pattinson.

Admission to the event is $12. For more information, you can visit the AAF’s official website. All photos by Lauren Hawker.