'Energy & Abstraction'

This week, BTR went to go check out Energy & Abstraction, an exhibition of drawings by Gordon Matta-Clark at the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Matta-Clark was a well-known conceptual interdisciplinary artist in the ’70s. The show features many of his drawings, which are all very abstract but often share certain stylistic aspects such as sharp calligraphic dashes and lines that run into each other to form larger shapes. Many of these drawings share a distinct quality of playfulness, due in part to their expressive and often colorful mark-making.

The other works in the show seemed to focus not on the same calligraphic style, but on marks left behind. Matta-Clark’s Cut Drawings feature boards layered with gesso and paper that have been sliced into repetitively, revealing textures underneath. The press release indicated that this series was a part of a larger conceptual study Matta-Clark was invested in: creating voids by the extraction of space.

For more photos in higher definition, check out our Flickr account.