Please Do 'Touch the Art'

Touch the Art stands apart from most conventional art exhibits that discourage the public from touching. Danish contemporary artist Jeppe Hein is known for creating works that encourage the public to actively participate in his art. In Brooklyn Bridge Park, people are encouraged to touch, splash, sit on, and walk through art depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Sixteen red benches are positioned throughout the park in unconventional shapes and designs. Titled Modified Social Benches, these benches, along with the other installations, represent social interaction and the connections between people.

Located at the entrance of Pier 1 is Appearing Rooms. Using surges of water, walls are created to separate four small square areas or “rooms.” The walls appear and disappear suddenly.

At Pier 3, the Mirror Labyrinth NY sits in a twisting formation, like the maze in a house of mirrors. Walking through, you can see your reflection multiplied and see through to another row of mirrors at the same time, revealing more images reflecting back at you.

The exhibition was curated by Nicholas Baume and is on display until April 17th of 2016, leaving plenty of time to visit.

Photos by Ashley Rodriguez.

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