OSCAR at The Crown

In the world of OSCAR at The Crown, fascists have overrun the world. But in a hidden underground bunker Oscar Wilde, reality television, sequins and dance flourish in secret. Created and brought to life by the performance collective The Neon Coven, the immersive musical experience transports audiences to a dazzling and dark future, surrounds them with strobe lights and haze and invites them to dance out their memories of Desperate Housewives episodes gone by (except for Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy. They don’t want to hear one freaking word about Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy.)

The Crown is scheduled to run through August, 2019 at 3 Dollar Bills in Bushwick. Tickets for upcoming performances of OSCAR at The Crown are available here.

Edwina Hay checked out the show and brought back these amazing photos of the experience.