No Ring Wrestling in Brooklyn: Death Match 8

Wednesday, Feb. 21 was the big event: Death Match 8 at Tender Trap in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

It was a night of wrestling and entertainment no one in the audience will soon forget. Music by Mayor Creep and Tight Fright scored the bloody no-ring wrestling matches of “Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “Dirty” Chris Dickinson vying for the title of Inter Species Wrestling “King Of Crazy” and headliners Stockade and Casanova Valentine.  Local favorite Valentine brought the heat in the lead-up to the match, exciting an enthusiastic gathering of wrestling fans. Chairs, fluorescent light tubes, cinderblocks, gardening tools, and more were thrown into the middle of the enthralled Tender Trap crowd. In the end, visitor Stockade managed to take down the hometown hero, the Hipster Hearthrob, Casanova Valentine.

Jeanette D. Moses got right in the middle of the mayhem to share these images with you. Potentially NSFW, depending on how squeamish you or your employer may be.