Manhattan After Sandy - Photoblog

By Lauren Hawker

The tragedies are different, but the days following both the 9-11 tragedy and Hurricane Sandy both had a similar apocalyptic feeling to them in downtown NYC. The extent of how desperate and dangerous things could become despite the calm that city leaders show on televised press conferences, is eerily unknown.

Dumpster diving on East 3rd St begins as delis and groceries began ridding themselves of refrigerated goods.

Aside from the historic proportions of gridlock traffic, it business as usual uptown. Meanwhile, below 40th street, after sundown, downtown remains stuck in a frightening darkness from the subsequent power outage after the hurricane. Many storefronts are being left  boarded up below Houston street, where many blocks are beginning to resemble the same barren nature they possessed days after the Twin Towers were attacked on Sept 11, 2001.

A sign on Ave A.

A shop in Soho. The wood was at first a protection against the potential damage of Hurricane Sandy. Now it aids in the fight against looters since reports of break-ins after dark below 40th st have begun to surface over the past few nights.

From Bourgeois to Breadline: Renowned eatery, Balthazar in Soho, was reduced to grilling steak sandwiches for $5.00 outside of a gorgeous restaurant that like most establishments, is unable to open.

The plan according to Con Edison robocalls, is for power to return downtown by Saturday night. Gas is at a serious premium right now inside Manhattan and for a 50 mile radius now outside of the city. As generators that are lighting delis and powering the few open cafes run out of power, and November truck deliveries of supplies become jeopardized, who knows how so many hungry people lacking heat will react.

All Photos by Lauren Hawker. For more, check out the BTR Flickr account.