Idiotarod XVII: The Rolling 20's

Once again, those lovely idiots of Brooklyn (we mean that in the kindest way – this is the Idiotarod we’re taking about after all) brought a wet and wild take on the Alaskan dog sled race to the streets of North Brooklyn, complete with costumes, decked-out shopping carts, and of course plenty of ridiculous props! Beginning in Fort Greene park and wrapping up at The Deep End in Ridgewood, this was technically the 16th annual event, but because time is a construct of the human imagination, let’s call it the 17th! Anything goes, after all.

Edwina Hay caught up with the teams at the beginning of the race and followed them through the downpour to the second checkpoint: Wonderville in Bushwick, before they continued on their way to wreak havoc on the sidewalks. Scroll on for photos and the race results at the end of this post!

1 Best In Show: CamoFrauds
2 Best Costumes: Merminators
3 Best Industrial Design: Laguardia
4 Bribery: Horrorscopes
5 Sabotage: Scum River
6 Checkpoint Award: # 3 but shout out to Andrew at #2
7 Best John Hughes Nightmare: Lunch Ladies
8 Best Historical Reenactment: Pirates
9 Social Media Award: Richard Pix
10 #Worst Try Award: #Cancelled
11 Big Pharma Always Wins Award: Drug Cartel