Full Bunny Contact - PHOTOBLOG


By Ali Martin

What comes to mind when you hear cage fights, raw eggs, paint balls, dunk tanks, arena rock, shot clocks, blindfolds, tic-tac-toe, stuffed animals, and beer? Easter, right? Well, if not, it will be from now on.

Full Bunny Contact is a pretty insane Easter carnival that took place over the weekend in New York’s Lower East Side. The carnival boasts games, booths, and contests with a totally twisted Easter theme. The main event pits two people against each other in a 16’ by 20’ cage with the goal of collecting as many Easter eggs as possible in 60 seconds. But what’s the catch? Three grown men dressed in full bunny costumes who do everything in their power to keep the contestants from holding on to those eggs. Sound like fun? It is.

All photos by Ali Martin. For more photos in higher definition, check out the BTR Flickr Account.