Friday The 13th Tattoos

For most, Friday the 13th means bad luck and hockey mask horror movies. But tattoo lovers know it’s the perfect time to go under the needle.

Across the country, tattoo shops offer specials on Friday the 13th. Tattoo fans can select of 13-themed or spooky/weird flash art for a discount price (often $13 plus tip). On Friday, April 13, shops around Brooklyn put their own spin on the tradition. Electric Gorilla Tattoo went the traditional route, offering a $13 tattoo with a lucky $7 tip. Magic Cobra Tattoo Society treated attendees to $130 palm sized full color tattoos and Gnostic Tattoo offered a limited selection of decidedly weird flash art for $31 a pop.

Jeanette D. Moses checked out the shops, artists and the ink. Check out more of the artists’ work on their Instagram pages: John Starr, Mel, Jack Mayfair, Anthony PapalloBig Jaz, and Tessa. Your next chance for Friday the 13th action will be July 13, when these shops and others offer deals again.