Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival - PHOTOBLOG


On Sunday Sept. 29, in the northern most part of Manhattan Island at Fort Tryon Park, knights in shinning armor gathered to clash swords as was done in times past. The park was transformed into a market town, decorated with bright banners and processional flags familiar of the medieval times, in honor of the park’s 29th annual Medieval Festival.

Festivities included hosts and guests in medieval costumes, authentic medieval music, dance, magic, and minstrels, as well as jugglers and jesters. Among the turkey legs and finely handcrafted period pieces, you can also find swords on sale. For those knights who brought their own swords, the day ended with hand to hand combat and jousting on horseback.

All photos by Nicole Stinson. For more photos and in higher resolution, check out the BTR Today Flickr Set.