Competitive Winter Picnicking 2019

On Saturday, the second annual Competitive Winter Picnicking event took place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Its organizers, immersive experiential curators Shadow Traffic, offered prizes for richest picnic meal, funnest picnic game, bestest picnic drink and mostest thematic team.

While the temperatures neared freezing, competition was fierce. Teams of picnic basket cases like D’Ants D’Ants Revolution, The Barely Legal Biddies (complete with adult diapers as plates, condoms and checks to distribute), The Cthululemon, Paternal Picnic, and Plaidminton AKA The Church of Plaidder Day Saints were picnicking to win. The weekend’s blast of snow made the day a bit soggy but nothing could deter our costumed friends’ ambitious picnicking.

Edwina Hay was there to capture all the fun. Read on for photos.