Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017

Comic Arts Brooklyn is an annual festival put on by Desert Island, the Williamsburg destination for comic lovers of all ages. On Saturday, November 11, the free event was brought to Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill, where visitors could enjoy talks, exhibitions and a sales floor with hundreds of publishers and artists.

Jeanette D. Moses checked out some of the art and met the creators. Get to know the artists and their work, and read on for the photos: Courtney Menard, Richie Pope, Nicole Rifkin, Ness Lee, Killer Acid, Heather Benjamin, Wellington Sun, Dylan Balliett, Johnny Sampson, Steph Guez, Wizard Skull, Pam Wishbow, Siobhan Gallagher, Sabin Cauldron, Gina Wynbrandt, Frank Reynoso, Miss Lasko-Gross, Chloe Perkis and Shoenami.