This weekend we entered into the world of flower crowns and rosé, also known as Coachella. This year’s festival was filled with incredible artists, dope art, and overpriced food. But, as in previous years, did not disappoint.

“I know you´re hiding drinks in that backpack, but I´m proud of you!” the guard yells at us as we enter the festival. Yes, I brought a stash of beer. Yes, I am that cheap. There is just something wrong with paying $12 for a sip of beer. But here we go — Weekend one has begun. And the one thing you notice when walking in: everything this year is bigger.

  1. This little butterfly made sure everyone was entertained in the beer tents. The best thing about this festival are the people!
  2. Coachella is a runway of its own. These two said they spent weeks planning what to wear for the next three days.
  3. One theme that will always be here are the flowers — from crowns to long, flowy dresses.

The world’s largest transportable Ferris wheel — a must for its spectacular views.

When it got too hot, this was where we went to get a break from the sun.

Under the tent.

Dusk / two views.

Slowly setting sun at Indigo.

I’m a sucker for sunsets …  just close your eyes and pretend Bon Iver is playing in the background while you feel a slight breeze. This is the life.

The light show at Dillon Francis was magical.

Week one of Coachella 2017 is over and I’ve already made a savings account titled “Coachella 2018.”