Affordable Art Fair - Photoblog


The Affordable Art Fair embraces the idea that art should be accessible to everyone by presenting it as welcoming, fun and most importantly economical. Located at The Tunnel in Chelsea the fair will offer contemporary paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures priced between $100 and $10,000 with half the work under $5,000. The four day event runs from October 4th-5th. Check out their official website for more information.



Artist Luc Drawta and Marc Lagrange Artist Luc Drawta and Marc Lagrange, The United Gallery, Brussels.

Artist Richard HeepsArtist Richard Heeps

Artist Juan PajaresArtist Juan Pajares, Villa Del Arte Galleries, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Artist Sylvia CalmejaneArtist Sylvia Calmejane, Envie D’art Galleries, Paris.

Elisa Contemporary Art, Riverdale, NY.Elisa Contemporary Art, Riverdale, N.Y.

Artist Helen ThorpeArtist Helen Thorpe

Batman and RobinArtist Carlos Tirado, Besharat Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.

Artist ThalieArtist Thalie

All photos by Lauren Hawker. For more, check out the BTR Flickr page.