Streets of NYC

The following series of photographs depict strangers I encountered on the streets of New York City.

Coming from the tradition of street photography, which features subjects in candid situations within public places, this practice has pushed me out of the confines of my art studio—which can be a lonely place at times—and has forced me into the world, into conversations. Though I will probably never encounter these people again, I am forever grateful. I dedicate this week’s photoblog to them.

Check them out below!

I saw this gentleman working on his car in Bushwick, BK. “Can I take your picture?” I asked. He nodded quietly.


Jacob showed me his bible, the only thing he has to get him through, other than his wife, he said. Jacob and his wife, seated next to him, have been living out of their car for three years.


“Do you have a cigarette?” asked Karl. “No,” I said. “But I do have a camera. Can I take your picture?”


Jacob’s children, who are living with his brother in Bushwick, BK.


A woman standing in Times Square.


This photograph was taken through a window. I gestured my camera to the man asking if I could take his picture. He nodded yes.


Jorge was cleaning up a parking garage. He asked me if I could take his picture. Of course I said yes.


A woman crossing 7th Avenue.