Paris: Spring Break a La Noire

Ah, Paris. The city of love. Whether you’re traveling alone and jumping hostels or sharing an airbnb with a loved one, France is a magical way to spend the early weeks of April.

Food. FOOD. Foooooood. Did we mention the food? On every corner you will find specific boutiques catering to a unique experience of taste and hospitality, like les boulangeries (bakeries) or les cremeries (cheese shops). Fresh tarts, croissants and baguettes are available all day long for as little as €1 (The exchange rate right now is perfect for traveling, €1 = $1.06 ), and treat yourself to the creamiest brie or tangiest goat cheese, while you picnic at La Tour Eiffel.

Parisians speak English well, but prefer not to, so make sure to learn a few phrases in French to accommodate to the locals and politely ask if they can help you find the Louvre in English.

The partly cloudy weather, accompanied by a light breeze, will make your stay complete: not too hot, not too cold. Be sure to visit the Gardens of Luxembourg to see toy boat races and badminton games, as well as the Royal Botanical Garden.

For more morbid and curious tourists we highly recommend the catacombs. Make sure to come early to avoid the long lines and please don’t consider going if you have claustrophobia or if you’re scared of getting cursed by demon souls (duh).

Take a walk to the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris to experience spirituality, a leap back in time, the medieval ages, or simply the overlook of “Old Paris” from the roof. Make sure to check out their ongoing exhibit under the historical monument, The Crypt of Notre Dame.

Last, but not least, do yourself a favor and skip the metro fees and rides and walk the city. You’ll be amazed by the ambience of the busy cobble streets and beauty of the locals.