Pussy Knits Back

On the Lower East Side of Manhattan hides a little fluffy heaven, Koneko Cat Cafe. With a mission to save “at-risk” cats–who are scheduled for euthanasia in the city’s shelters–the cafe fosters up to 20 kitties who are looking for new homes.

But that’s not it. For International Women’s Day, the cafe had 50 knitters create pink hats representing the fight for women’s rights.

If you don’t know how to knit, that’s okay, they’ll teach you! And the kitties will help with the yarn 😉

All the sales of cat and “hoomin” hats were donated to Planned Parenthood.

Liz Leong, a New York organizer of Pussy Hat Project, explained that the Pussy Hat became a unifying symbol of modern feminism and resistance. “It means you believe that women are people, that they should be treated like people. You stand up for what you believe in.”

Kitty Cat DJ snoozes in his little Pussy Hat ?

Benjamin Kalb, owner of Koneko, is proud to be a part of #ADayWithoutWomen. “I tried to keep this place non-political, but I wanted to support International Women’s Day in our own form. We decided to help knit for the Pussy Hat Project, since we have pussy cats.”

Volunteer knitters stopped by Koneko to knit Pussy Hats for both humans and cats. All the proceeds were donated to Planed Parenthood to support women’s rights. To claim a Pussy Hat from Koneko, shop here.

Kalb shared what feminism means to him. “Striving to get the world to a place, where there is no distinction between men and women and we embrace our opposing qualities.”