Love in Hell: Saint Vitus Valentine's Day Flea Market

In the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, hides Saint Vitus Bar, where one can catch metal, post-punk and other alternative music shows, as well as attend the Valentine’s Day Flea Market.

Cassie J. Snider, the organizer of the market, jokingly (or not) said it started because she was a hoarder and in coalition with a friend decided to try out a flea market at the venue.

The market grew into a tradition, surrounding gift-valued holidays, but with an alternative spin.

Many unique artists were selling their goods, like Jenn Cortes and her company Alternate Empire. Animal bones jewelry, 3D hand-drawn earrings and other mysterious and dark gifts were available for purchase.

Brusque Babe offered a wide variety of empowering and non-traditional love merchandise, celebrating every kind of love that exists. Everything from “I eat pussy” patches and mini-magazines, a.k.a. zines explaining with a touch of humor what feminism, sexuality and consent are all about.

“I’m here to give people with alternate sweeties a chance to grab them something unique and fitting,” said Emily Regina, owner of Brusque Babe.

River Acheron Apparel sells alternative bath products, like Charcoal Sugar Scrub and Candy Skull bath bombs, with a cause. A donation from every sale is given to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

After all that shopping customers were offered a Mindful Metal Massage, an alternative bodywork for those in need. All done by licensed and insured massage therapists, just with a tad of heavy metal for their liking.