A look back at the best of our 2017 photoblogs
There's still time to grab great holiday gifts this week at the Union Square Holiday Market
The Manhattan neighborhood is a blast of holiday cheer every winter.
Tired of factory-produced, soul-less gift options? Make it a holiday to remember with handmade artisanal products from craft fairs.
Preview the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with a visit to the Inflation Celebration
Comic Arts Brooklyn is an annual festival put on by the fine folks from Desert Island, the Williamsburg destination for comic lovers of all ages. This year, the free event was brought to Pratt…
Spectators urged marathoners to finish with creative and clever signs.
Since Brooklyn performance space Glasslands closed in 2014, music and art fans across the city have anxiously awaited the next move from the powerhouse promotion team of the venue's proprietors,…
The 44th annual Village Halloween Parade took to the streets of NYC on Tuesday, October 31st, celebrating the wild, the wacky, and of course, the terrifyingly creepy creativity of the city.
Each year, the New York City's canines don their best and most creative costumes for a fun-filled Halloween celebration at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. On Saturday, October 21, 2017,…
Ai Weiwei's latest exhibition will be on view at more than 300 sites across New York City until February, 2018.
BTRtoday visited the 2017 New York Comic Con at the Javits Center in Midtown
On Saturday, August 26, eight award-winning crews from across the United States and Canada competed in New York City’s largest annual break dance tournament at New York University’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. The competition’s lead judge was Rock Steady Crew president legend Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón and Grandmixer DXT DJed. Photographer Jeanette D. Moses was there.
Bob Marley. Michael Jackson. Jason Mraz. We heard it all this weekend during our search for the most fun, funky and soulful New York City subway performers. Below are the stories and images of our featured underground artists. Mikaiel Troxler “I’m poverty stricken. I perform in subways because it allows me to make money while spending time with my incredible kids,” says Traxler, seen below with his children   Stylez Enuff Dance Crew "It's more challenging to be a subway performer. For larger venues, people buy tickets, so there is an expectation that they will stay and watch the whole performance. Underground, you have to listen to people's energy and improvise in order to hold their attention," says D'amini, seen below (in gray and black) with his Stylez Enuff partner Jerry (green and red) at the Delancey/Essex subway station.   Dennis Roberson "I started performing original guitar music down here about three years ago, after my industry (advertising) switched to computer ads. I hit a crossroad and decided to pursue my art through music. It has been the best decision of my life," said Roberson, seen below at the 14th St/Union Square subway station.   Manuelson “I perform in the subway in order to promote my teaching business. I teach guitar to Spanish kids and adults,” said Manuelson, an immigrant from El Salvador seen here playing Incan Pan Pipes at the Delancey/Essex subway station.   Yi Zhuo Yu Yi Zhuo Yu, a member of the Street Musical Club, is seen performing below at the Grand Street subway station.Yu plays the er-hu, a two-stringed Chinese instrument commonly known in the west as the "Chinese Violin."   Mystic One and Prince Usula "I know when the trains are coming and going. I can feel it. That is how I control the energy of the people around me. This power of my mind is where my name, Mystic One, comes from,” said Mystic One, pictured on the left below alongside Prince Usula as the duo performs Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” at the West 4th Street subway station.
Yesterday's festival was a celebration of the poet's story as well as the broader Asian culture with musical performances, storytelling and games.
As a way to celebrate the end of last week's hot, humid and wet weather, BTRtoday indulged in the food of Smorgasburg in Williamsburg.
Builders at the Rockaway's sandcastle competition put their creativity to the test.
The Nude Party put on an epic music festival called 'Send It Week' before moving to NYC. These are the pictures from it--complete with dicks & dildos.
BTR celebrated America’s independence at Jones Beach yesterday, followed by a firework show at MetLife Stadium. Click the video at the bottom of the page to watch the firework finale!      
Tens of thousands lined the streets of Manhattan on Sunday for the 48th NYC LGBT Pride March. The first march was held in 1970 and has since become an annual civil rights demonstration. Over the years, its purpose has broadened to include recognition of the fight against AIDS and to remember those lost to illness, violence and neglect.  
BTR visited Coney Island for the 35th annual Mermaid Parade Saturday. Unlike most parades, this one has no ethnic, religious or commercial aims. Its goals are to bring mythology to life for local residents, create self-esteem in a district that is often disregarded as “entertainment” and give artistic New Yorkers a public venue for self-expression. Despite the rain,  over 3,000 creative individuals participated in this year’s festivities.
For Father's Day, we present stories of four fathers along with pictures and memories of the children they left behind.
Laura Goldfarb reports live from Bonnaroo.
This week BTR visits barbershops in the Lower East Side of New York City. Barbershops, which were once places of social interaction and public discourse, have declined in social importance due to social media and competition with full-service salons. BTR honors their social importance by featuring portraits of some of the profession's trained workers. Nao, Massimo Salon, 179 Orchard St. Chi, Bianchi Salon, 151 Allen St. Salon Orchard, 189 Orchard St. Allen St. Cut and Shave, 127 Allen St. José, Well Connected, 66 Rivington St. Massimo, Massimo Salon, 179 Orchard St.  
This week BTR visited Bryant Park for the Scooper Bowl World Tour: New York, where attendees and volunteers enjoyed sunny, 78 degree weather and unlimited ice cream from the nation’s leading companies and craft creameries. 100 percent of the proceeds went to Jimmy Fund, an organization that supports cancer care and research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and pediatric care at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Entrance fee is $25 and is open to the public until June 3 (12PM-9PM).
This week New York saw its 29th Annual Fleet Week, a celebration that brings together over 3,700 sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.
This week, BTR features citizens of the Oneida Indian Nation in New York and the Ramapough Lenape Nation in New Jersey. Oneida is a federally recognized tribe, which makes them eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Despite tax and educational benefits awarded to some of the tribes (about two thirds are federally funded according to the BIA), American Indians have the highest rates of poverty, unemployment and disease of any ethnic group in America. Another struggle includes the difficulty of maintaining a cultural identity due to the loss of native languages, which many young American Indians are no longer taught.    
BTR attends the Holi Hai festival, a festival of color that celebrates diversity and the arrival of spring.
The Boba Room is a temporary pop-up theme park in NYC for bubble tea lovers!
This week’s photoblog is the first in a series of work in which I try to re-claim my inspiration for a city that needs less to be saved, and more to be understood.
A photo series of real NYC life.
This weekend we entered into the world of flower crowns and rosé known as Coachella. This year's festival was filled with incredible artists, dope art, and overpriced food. But, as in previous years, did not disappoint.
"It wasn’t a punk scene like the rest of the world was having ,it was more of an explosion of creativity..."
This spring break I did a road trip down the coast of California with my Mamiya RZ67, a medium format film camera that was given to me by my dad this past February.
BTRtoday investigates the history of Chinese-American cuisine at the Museum of Food and Drink!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day: The Mighty Irish of New York City join the celebration of cultural heritage in the Big Apple!
New York Cat Cafe brings Pussy Hat Project for a women's day sit in for knitting with kittens.
International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8th to commemorate women's rights movements. This year, the non-profit organization for women's rights, Women's March, organized #ADayWithoutAWoman rallies to show what happens when a woman steps down to voice concerns of the female population.
If you're looking for an amazing Spring Break getaway that has nothing to do with beaches, loud music and drunk people, then you should consider traveling to France. Here's your travel 101.
In lieu of the current election, on President's Day the people of New York organized a rally to voice their concerns of the president-elect, Donald Trump.
Find the best gifts for your alternative babes, grab a beer and get a metal massage, all at Saint Vitus.
With the upcoming gag rule, Brooklynites take over by raising money for Planned Parenthood... by doing a flash tattoo event.
Let's remind Trump that refugees are welcome here: no hate, no fear!
People had a lot of fun making clever signs, so BTR rounded up some favorites from NYC, DC and Cali!
With the changes we experienced over this weekend – let’s run away to a warm and care free place. Welcome to sunny Barcelona.
Now that Trump befriended Putin, it’s time to learn a little bit about Russia.
Check out an Ethiopian café that carries on the coffee traditions of their motherland.
Since 1933, the Grand Central Holiday Fair has been a shopping destination during the holiday season.