'1984' Day in New York City - PHOTOBLOG


In reaction to recent information leakage about national surveillance, Fourth Amendment activists chose the fourth day of eighth month of the year for their latest ‘1984 Day’ protests. Following last month’s ‘Restore the Fourth‘ demonstrations, concerned citizens gathered in Bryant Park to protest against NSA surveillance programs and what they see as erosion of civil liberties.

During the Bryant Park rally, protestors wore masks as politicians to receive “Big Brother Awards”, granting George W. Bush a medal for the Patriot Act and Barack Obama another for prosecuting whistleblowers. Participants marched on up through midtown Manhattan, chanting to praise privacy and scold spying. Stalled spectators viewed this march with curiosity, and often bystanders approached protesters to ask about their motivation.

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All photos by Tanya Silverman. For more and in higher resolution, check out the BTR Today Flickr Set.