No Fear Of Pop - Bendik: “Blåsar Vekk”


After playing a show which left the festival audience of Huset Ved Sjøen in Oslo last week with wide eyes and even more frequent jaw drops, Norway’s upcoming pop queen Bendik aka Silje Halstensen is breaking barriers with her slightly new, fine-polished sound. I could do nothing but to gasp while witnessing what used to be a hidden gem at Urørt, explode and turn the heavens upside down — a power I’m quite sure many of the fellow musicians around me at the narrow pier in front of the stage felt a twinge of envy for not possessing themselves.

Naturally, the track Blåsar Vekk taken from her recent release Stille is one of my own favourites from the EP. Almost exactly four minutes into the song, Bendik and her loyal band takes an unexpected turn, evolving from that particular sonorous and almost innocent sound into a huge, atmospheric composition in the veins of post-rock, which truly shows us the strongest side of Siljes beautiful voice.

Even though you might not understand the words, I strongly advise you to spend six of your valuable minutes to listen to the whole thing (preferably on some good speakers, too). One thing is quite certain, however: Bendik needs to be experienced live.

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Photo (above) taken in Nepal.

Bendik – Blåsar Vekk

Bendik – Igjen

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