Wild Times With The Off White And Max Pain & The Groovies

A winter storm warning can’t stop Brooklyn from getting their proper dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

New Myths

The temperatures were plummeting and the winds howled so loud you couldn’t even hear yourself think. But Zone One in Elsewhere was a deafening sound in another way. Music roared, people laughed and while nearby businesses had up their ‘closed’ signs for the next day, this Elsewhere was bursting with life and no sign of slowing down.

The show began with a shot of tequila as New Myths took the stage—a three-piece rock outfit clad sparkles and voices of fallen angels. Their vibe was a little Joan Jett and a little Rolling Stones. The drummer sang while banging away without missing a beat. Their bassist got everyone to sway along with her. And the frontwoman brought down the house with her chaotic guitar solos and powerful vocals. They even had their own posse up front cheering them along.

The Off White

The crowd at this show instantly bonded. Maybe because there was the possibility we’d all get snowed in or because the music was so comradely. Who knows? But strangers were paying for strangers’ drinks, new friends were being made left and right and everybody bobbed their heads along together like it had been choreographed.

The frontman for The Off White took the stage in a suit and tie. He said, ever so calmly, into the mic, “you all should know, this band is sponsored by J.D. Power,” before falling to his knees, spewing beer into the crowd and jumping onto people. The NJ-based group channels wild punk characters like Iggy and Sid Vicious in stage presence and musical style. Their fast beats and guttural shouts got our blood pumping and necks cramping. For a second, their riotous effects were so fiery everyone at the show forgot it was winter outside.

Max Pain & The Groovies

Max Pain & The Groovies is the psych-est of psych bands. The two guitarists on stage echoed each other making it almost impossible to not let your mind wander, while the bassists swayed his long locks. The frontman jumped around on stage while the possessed crowd followed him along.

After the show, a gust of ice cold air smacked me in the face immediately forcing me back to reality. Looking back into the venue with all its colorful lights swirling around and people hugging with smiles so big on their faces their eyes were partly closed, it almost felt like I was looking into a dream.

It was the calm before the storm in the form of a rock show.