Voices Soar at High Waisted Show

On Monday night, Brooklyn’s Gran Torino roared. For their Je T’aime Oh No party, host Hayley Griffin and DJ Bailey Leiter assembled the strongest vocalists of the scene. The night rang out with voices that raised hell but felt like heaven.

Upstate NY blues punks The Bobby Lees kicked it off. At times, frontwoman Sam Quartin’s raspy and passionate singing sounded like two people harmonizing. The quartet might be young, but they pack a strong punch.

Animal Show, one of BTRtoday’s favorite NYC chainsaw punk group, followed. These guys never fail to thrash out ‘70s street punk-inspired ragers. If Richard Hell had a baby with Debbie Harry, this would create the voice that frontwoman Reiley Ugly bellows out of her mouth. While there were only three of them on stage, their energy and cut-throat performance got everyone in the Williamsburg venue jumping.

Beloved NYC garage surf rockers High Waisted closed out the night. Frontwoman Jess Louise Dye’s bubbly take on badassery shone bright as ever on stage. In a red polkadot dress and cowboy boots, Dye had the audience in the palm of her hand. High Waisted had everyone moving and grooving even after their set was done.

DJ Bailey gave the people what they wanted and kept the crowd dancing long into the night, knowing the night’s insane vocals would echo in their ears for days to come.