Top Ten Nightshift Sounds of 2017

I’ve been to over 100 wild and crazy rock, punk and garage shows this year.

So how am I still alive? That’s a good question. Honestly, I’m not really sure, but the fun definitely helped carry me through.

Here are the top ten nights of music, chaos and good times recorded for Nightshift Sounds in 2017. But first, a little disclaimer. Some of these stories are a little too wild for some squares to handle. So be warned. Click here to read all of the Nightshift Sounds and judge for yourself which ones were the best.

Carsickness Record Release Show/Reunion

“The pioneer punk rockers from the ’80s got back together for one chaotic weekend & released a remastered vinyl.”

Photo by Nick Childers

Black Lips, The Moonlandingz And Surfbort At Webster Hall

“Webster Hall put on a sinful evening of music blessed by the gods—plus a special appearance from Sean Lennon.”

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

A-List Intimidation At The Pixies Show

“A face to broken face encounter with Frank Black takes an unexpected turn.”

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

Punk Is Alive (But A Little Ageist) Backstage At Buzzcocks

“It was an educational night of punk rock by seeing three generations of the genre.”

Photo by Elena Childers

A Night Of Spit And Vomit With Thelma And The Sleaze

“The night kicked off with lots of vomit & spit, it was a wild ride.”

Photo by Elena Childers

It Was A Real Nude Party At Send It Week

“A music festival that’s the epitome of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Photo by Elena Childers

Meltasia Melted Some Faces Off

“You don’t truly know what an all night party is until you’ve gone to Meltasia.”

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

Getting Down At Otis Mountain Get Down

“You can’t just leave Otis Mountain Get Down without lasting memories–or at least a stick-and-poke tattoo…”

Photo by Peter Cirilli

An Off-The-Grid Night With Together PANGEA, Tall Juan & Daddy Issues

“A phoneless night among some serious punk rock.”

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

Guy Fieri Was One Of Many A-List Celebs Who Attended NYNT’s Haunted Hop

“A Halloween nightmare from ‘Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives’ that I never want to forget.”

Photo by Elena Childers