The Sultan Room Lifts Every Vote By Streaming NYC Bands Rockin' On Their Rooftop

Brooklyn venue The Sultan Room filmed several NYC bands on their rooftop called Turk’s Inn to encourage everyone to vote. They called it #LiftEveryVote and it was the first live show I’ve been able to experience in-person since February.

It’s important to avoid situations like moshpits this year due to the pandemic, but I couldn’t resist this live show. And by a live show, I mean only the band, someone filming them, and me—all alone, sitting in the way way back, masked up and feeling emotional because this was my first live show experience in months.

The Sultan Room’s #LiftEveryVote is pushing for a very important cause this year—to make sure you get your vote out. Today is the last day you can possibly vote in this historical election, and no matter what happens, things are changing. It’s more than ever important to vote vote vote. So if you haven’t yet today, quit reading this and get out there!

You can watch the live recordings of the bands on The Sultan Room’s Instagram and YouTube channel—plus, check out the photos from the performance below.