The Second Burger Beach Bash Rocked Through the Storm

Mother Nature’s got nothing on Burger Records.

Somehow, Burger Records can get hordes of people out no matter the weather. Last year, concert-goers flocked to the first Burger Records Beach Bash in NYC despite blistering Coney Island sun with no shade. This year’s Burger Records Beach Bash was at the Coney Island Art Walls, so there was at least some refuge from the sun. The relief from the rays came with a catch: torrential downpours.

Still, the place was packed. Soaked, but packed.

Having died at last year’s bash of heat exposure after going too early in the day, I made a fashionably late entrance this year. I brought my sunscreen, sunglasses and wore my most summery outfit. But the joke was on me. I avoided sunburn but left the fest drenched and shivering.


I didn’t mind the shivers or the previous year’s heat stroke–Burger Records knows how to throw a goddamn show. So dripping wet or burnt to all hell by the sun, everyone’s a happy camper.

This year Burger Records partnered with Modern Sky records to put on an even crazier lineup. Bumpin’ Burger bands like No Bunny and Sunflower Bean shared the stage with amazing acts from Modern Sky like Re-TROS and Cotillion. The whole thing was headlined by popular underground 1970s punk band The Zeros.

The music was an eclectic mix of genres, satisfying every fan there. No Bunny brought some serious garage rock vibes, stunting, of course, their usual bunny masks and attire. While Re-TROS dazed everyone with their experimental post-punk sounds, Sunflower Bean brought the viewers back in time with some classic rock sounds.

Daddy Long Legs

The crowds took advantage of the rain by jumping in puddles and shooting water guns as bands played their sets. Acts who played during stretches of sun looked like desert mirages as people moshed, crowd surfed and tore off pieces of clothing.

Habibi played their first show in four years. The ‘B’ Girls celebrated 40 years of being a band and the original cowboy from The Village People, Randy Jones, hosted. To top the day off, the festival ended with the one and only Jonathan Toubin DJing the rest of the cool and rainy summer’s night.

Dani Miller (Surfbort)

The only hiccup was when Randy the Cowboy accidentally said the wrong band name introducing the headliner. But it was quickly remedied, plus he’s so dang lovable no one could get upset with him.

The rain gods may have tried to rain on our parade, but they were no match for Burger Records’ Beach Bash.