The Nude Party Kick Tour Off With A Bang In Manhattan

The Nude Party is now on tour through the South and East Coast of the U.S. Before they left, they had to say goodbye in style.

Last week, The Nude Party took over Manhattan’s Mercury lounge with Zzzsleepwalk and Insecure Men on the bill. No matter how many times I cover The Nude Party or how big they grow, their shows are always one giant friendly party. The six-piece band (sometimes more) is already a party just by sheer volume, but add in the genuine kindness and love for music all these boys have and the party can’t stop, won’t stop.

Zzzsleepwalk, a must-see band, started the night off right. Fronted by the man who played in all three bands, Jon Catfish, Zzzsleepwalk is a soothing sound with old-school southern inspirations and captivating harmonies. It was almost too easy to sway along to these guys, the music had hypnotized us all.

Next up was Insecure Men, a music project by Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family. Standing in a sweater vest making pleasant eye contact with everyone in the audience, Adamczewski seemed more put together than the last time BTRtoday caught him. This time around his talent blew people away. His tongue-in-cheek political lyrics got the audience’s brains in gear, while his fun power pop/ rock melodies stir bodies around into dancing and jumping.

There was an old man leaning on the stage the entire show. By the time Insecure Men finished up their set, he was jumping and flailing like a teenager on ecstasy.

Jon Catfish

Once The Nude Party took the stage, there was no chance, the old man flung his shirt off and really started whipping out the dance moves. I couldn’t tell if I should be concerned or hopeful that I’m that energetic when I’m that old.

The Nude Party has been working on their next album that is intended to come out sometime this year. So, there were lots of new ones with steel pedal guitar and “ohs” and “ahs” that would make anyone swoon. Originally formed in the mountains of North Carolina, these guys can’t help but put a little country into their sound. They’re always catchily danceable—you don’t need love, you just need The Nude Party’s record.

At a Nude Party show, just because the music ends on stage doesn’t mean the party is over. The good times carried on into the wee hours of the night, first in the smoke-filed green room then at a dive bar down the street. There was lots of laughter, getting yelled at by bouncers and whiskey shots.

What a way to get ready for thirty days on the road.