The Mummies at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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If you don’t know The Mummies that’s Ok, it’s understandable. They keep a very strict DIY aesthetic and shun any sort of online presence–especially social media. So if you don’t know them, fine… but you’re definitely a square.

Get to know The Mummies ASAP, because they fucking rule and are the coolest. I’m going to go as bold as saying that this was one of the year’s most anticipated underground shows here in NYC. The band’s surf rock influenced and gritty, old-school punk sound is what makes them so irresistible.

Their fans could be considered a cult following, due to the fact that in order to know The Mummies you’re obligated to do some serious research. You can’t just stalk them on social media outlets, the best ways to find out about The Mummies include falling into the black hole YouTube channel of their live performances, actually going to see them live, or through word-of-mouth.

On October 25th they played Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NYC with Brooklyn-based band Dirty Fences, and I made sure to be there to give you the lowdown.

Basically, it ruled—I wasn’t expecting anything less. They were playing two sold-out shows back-to-back to satisfy the need of fans wanting to experience them in all their glory. I went to the first showing.

The group was conceived back in the late 80’s and has successfully been able to keep their signature look. When I say look, I’ve no idea what their faces actually look like, because the quartet always performs dressed in full mummy ensemble, which means they’re wrapped head-to-toe in white ripped up bandages—that’s what I mean by look. (Well, technically not to toe since they rock classic Converses).

They have also proved successful in maintaining the sound they’re known for. They played their staples, hypnotizing tracks like “Food, Sickles, and Girls,” “(You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet of the Apes,” and they even covered the classic Devo song “Uncontrollable Urge,” along with the must-have Devo dance moves, and boy did the crowd go wild for that one!

The drummer was cracking airline food jokes, the bassist and guitarist walked around like mummies while thrashing about, and the front man wrapped the mic cord around his neck and threw around his keys, creating a most dramatic and chaotic atmosphere. It paired along perfectly with the music.

Obviously, the crowd loved it, I loved it; there was moshing, sloshing, and, of course, dancing! Honestly, when you think of punk and garage rock, you don’t always think about swaying hips and snapping fingers, but The Mummies are able to maintain their hardcore vibes, while also creating intensely catchy melodies that possess your body into moving and grooving like you didn’t know you could!