The Jacuzzi Boys Heat Up Brooklyn

When the crowd can’t decide between kissing and head banging, you know you’re at a beautiful scene.

Last Sunday, Jacuzzi Boys traveled from Florida to bring some of that warmth to the Big Apple. Joined by NYC-based bands Gnarcissists and The Muckers, the packed show got people dancing and letting loose.

Jacuzzi Boys

Arriving fashionably late—like I do—I missed Gnarcissists. I hear the NYC-conceived band is a snarky group filled with fast beats, thunderous drum solos and punk rock angst. A palpable good vibe lingered in the air when I arrived. The crowd was ready to do some heavy moshing or heavy petting. But let’s be honest: probably both.

The Muckers were on their first note when I made my way into the crowd. Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right was filled shoulder-to-shoulder. The close quarters combined with the bubbly and sultry psych rock of The Muckers made an atmosphere of love and chaos—everything a true romance needs. No wonder everyone ended up slamming into each other or making out.

Crowd Surfing

There was hardly a moment’s rest after The Muckers set before Jacuzzi Boys set up. The popular indie three-piece gave off a metal vibe, like a young Metallica, with their long hair and disorderly use of the stage. Their metal looks were perfectly stirred in with the right amount of contemporary psych/indie rock sounds, similar to the likes of Ty Segall or Nobunny.

The Muckers

While they played their hits like “Glazin’” and “Planet of The Dreamers,” bodies were not only being held tight by new lovers, but also tossed in the air and surfed along by hundreds of hands.

It was rock ‘n’ roll heaven that night—the tunes brought out the rocker and lover in everyone.