The Evil Jesus Band Show Brought Musical Infusion To Brooklyn

Who knew a band donning bandanas and cowboy boots would be so intimidating?

Walking into Elsewhere after braving the strong winds of cold February I didn’t know what to expect. The lineup was all NYC-based bands: Flying Dead, God Tiny and Evil Jesus Band. I missed the first band, Flying Dead, which I heard was a “psych-punk” band. So understandably I was bummed. What even is psych-punk? It sounds amazing.

God Tiny

The second band of the night, God Tiny, came on stage appearing like just another normal rock band, but once they started playing it was evident that their sound had something unique. They played their guitars with each other like they were dueling knights, with skilled guitar riffs and an electric stage presence that heated up the room. Though their melodies leaned more towards blues-rock, the vocals were reminiscent of ‘80s rock like XTC or Echo & The Bunnymen. The combination surprised me with how cool and different it sounded.

When Evil Jesus Band took the stage, the audience surged forward to get a closer look. Evil Jesus Band plays bluesy rock with a psychedelic twist. Heads were banging on stage as well as off and trippy guitar solos got people swaying from introspection—you know they kind of guitar strums that feel like brain waves instead of sound waves.

Evil Jesus Band

While the show came to an end people, were still happily swaying along while they finished up their drinks. It was a night of unique sounds and good vibes and it showed in the audience members’ faces.