Texts From SXSW

We’re doing something different with this week’s Nightshift Sounds. Music writer and Bon Vivant Elena Childers went to a show as usual. But it wasn’t a usual show. It was the SXSW festival. So instead of writing a regular column, we asked her to document a day at the festival through text messages.

Childers’ texting spree started Wednesday afternoon and went into the wee hours of Thursday morning. In that time, Childers breakfasted like a champion, dabbled in painting and audio engineering and found love through tacos—or at least joked about it. Aside from a creep’s unwelcome touch, her texts tell a story of fun, food and the power of frandzship.

We edited out some text-borne typos but kept the emoji.

You Might Wanna Turn Off Notifications

11:48: “Gearing up for SX! You might wanna turn off notifications for this group cause I’ll be sending stuff all day. ?”

1:16 p.m.: “Helping make signs for Pond Magazine‘s DIY showcase for today!”

1:17 p.m.:“My contribution didn’t turn out so well… maybe shouldn’t have had a beer for breakfast.”

5:10 p.m.: “Right now I’m just managing the bar. Somehow I got stuck with that… I guess the only one with bar experience here.”

5:44 p.m.: “Lone Star is our best seller if you’re wondering. When in Texas.”

5:47 p.m.: “Waiting for the bathroom with BOYTOY & The Muckers.”

6:04 p.m.: “And now somehow helping with sound for BOYTOY. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

So We’re Practically in Love

6:20 p.m.: “I just made friends with the taco man.”

6:20 p.m.: “The tacos secret ingredient is Taco Bell seasoning btw so we’re practically in love now and probably will elope.”

6:21 p.m.: “Also this is his house we’re having the show at.”

6:22 p.m.: “Side note: is that the tallest man in the world or have I had too many tacos?”

6:23 p.m.: “I just interviewed Totally Mild also, to provide a more productive side note!”

6:27 p.m.: “That is DEFINITELY the tallest man on earth.”

6:32 p.m.: “But not the band. Just in general…”

9:16 p.m.: “Just interview Big White who’s friends with Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads. Both from Australia. They chill af.”

9:32 p.m.: “This was the first band I set up and interviewed all on my own for The Music Meetup back when it was called The Discovery Corner and they’ve got a special place in my heart. The sweeties.”

6:32 p.m.: “They’re not called that. They’re called The Britanys.”

6:32 p.m.: “But they’re sweeties.”

These are my frandz

12:12 a.m.: “Devon Bristol Shaw is here! And Alec from The Nude Party.”

12:14 a.m.: “So this is my friend from Plastic Pinks. He busted his knee at Meltasia this year and for some reason I was recruited to help him and I haven’t seen him since so he pulled his pants down in the middle of the official SXSW showcase he just played to show me that it healed up all nicely.”

12:35 a.m.: “Midnight slice. Very important. Always. Not just at SXSW. But also VERY important at SX.”

12:36 a.m.: “Some guy just fingered my armpit while I was walking by and asked if i was ‘good’”

12:55 a.m.: “These are my frandz.”

12:55 a.m.: “High Waisted

1:35 a.m.: “Jeanette’s also here! She took an impromptu band portrait.”