Stuyedeyed And Birds Seven Inch Release Show Kicked Everyone’s Ass

With their raw forces combined, Stuyedeyed and Birds have created a record that instigates your most mischievous feelings.

This past Sunday Greenway Records released the split 7’’ vinyl that includes the tracks “Believer” by Stuyedeyed and “Most Ghost” by Birds. Both songs spew energy with eerie distortion and dark lyrics. Stuyedeyed keeps the pace fast, conveying a “give no fucks” attitude, while Birds keeps things breathy and psychedelic.


To celebrate this epic release and the start of their tour together, they threw a rowdy and lively show at the brand new venue Elsewhere. The show included openers DA POP and Julep.

Unfortunately, I was too fashionably late to catch DA POP, but I hear they’re super fun live—so go check them out. They’re super melodic and catchy and just all around fun to sway along to whether you’re at the show or at home singing to yourself in the mirror.


Julep (formerly Midriffs) is comprised of members from the fun stoner punk band Gymshorts. I walked into the venue with them getting everyone in the crowd dancing while they laughed and smiled at each other on stage. The singer and guitarist of Julep (& Gymshorts) Sarah Greenwell once told BTRtoday that she just tries to make songs that’ll make her laugh—and boy, were they having fun up there. They kept their garage tunes flowing while their infectious smiles had everyone chuckling along.


Birds kept the party going by keeping things melodic. Frontman Duane Lauginiger doesn’t hesitate to stare every member of the audience straight in the eye and serenade them. Each song pulled the audience in closer and closer until there was no more room in front of the stage and no one could look away.


The speed quickly picked up once Stuyedeyed took the stage. Their intensity erupted like a vengeful volcano within the first song. Guitar riffs that punch holes in you brain and guttural screams and howls that grab your attention and set it on fire. Frontman Nelson Espinal kicked off the stage, shouted in people’s faces, convulsed on the floor and leapt off the bar—the entire night ended in pandemonium, just like a rock show should.

Make sure to catch these guys on tour in a city near you.

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