Stuffed & Ready at the Cherry Glazerr Show

It was a double whammy rock show, hitting every single musical and visual sweet spot.

Cherry Glazerr has been a raging band since the frontwoman, Clem Creevy, put it together as a teenager. Now at 22, it’s the cherry on top to a lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll—and the three-piece band proved it last Saturday in Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom with solo artists Sneaks opening the night up and a wild set.

Sneaks started the show solo—and when I say solo artist, I mean completely alone up there singing into a mic with a backing track. Occasionally, Sneaks would grab a bass to lay down some juicy melodies alongside her vocals and backing track. But it was mostly just her alone with a mic, pouring out all the passion and energy a person could possibly contain.

The stage had a bluish and purple haze, with a fog machine making it almost impossible to see right in front of your face. But when Sneaks took the stage, the crowd couldn’t take their eyes off her. Her hip-hop infused with dance-punk got the crowd swaying along and cheering for more during a robust, mind-blowing performance.

Both Sneaks and Cherry Glazerr were performing new songs. It’s always interesting to see musicians on stage gauging the audience’s perception of their music. Something about it reminds you that this art is very personal and it’s scary to get up on stage and perform it for a room full of strangers.

Sneaks shouted out “this album just dropped, I hope you all like it” and then went into the title track to her newest album Highway Hypnosis. Arms shot into the air, waving along to the beat while Sneaks bounced around the stage, an enormous smile appearing on her face.

Cherry Glazerr had an entirely different stage spread, however. Sneaks’ minimalistic style gave way to Cherry Glazerr’s wonderland set up, complete with giant inflatable cherries, abstract light fixtures and animated clips projected behind them.

After only a few songs, Creevy stopped for a moment. She had an announcement for the crowd. “And now we’re going to have former president Bill Clinton join us for a song!” she said into the mic, and out walked guitarist extraordinaire Delicate Steve, his weapon of choice already in hand. He shredded for one song, strumming his guitar so quickly I swear I saw his fingers smoking.

Cherry Glazerr played all the hits, like the new ones “Wasted Nun” and “Daddi” and the old ones like “Had Ten Dollaz” and “Trash People.” The room was obviously full of adoring fans. Everyone was singing along to Cherry Glazerr’s oldies, but also knew the lyrics to new tracks from Stuffed & Ready even though the album is only a few weeks old.

Creevy wasn’t afraid to hop into the crowd when she wasn’t using her guitar or running around the stage to shred with her fellow bandmates. She sang with a gentle voice that felt like a calming beacon amongst the hardcore thrashing and distortion going on within each song. Before they ended, Creevy made sure to tell the crowd how grateful she was for the fans and made sure to encore with a fan-favorite “I Told You I’d Be With The Guys.”

Everybody left that show stuffed with great music and memories and so ready for more.