Shannon Shaw's Brooklyn Solo Set Was a Family Affair

The amazing Shannon Shaw from Shannon and The Clams went clam-less Brooklyn Bazaar Tuesday night. Shaw headlined the Bazaar with her solo project, a tasty take on twangy rock ‘n’ roll, doo-wop, surf and blues. Her  2018 solo debut album Shannon In Nashville, produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, set the trail ablaze for Shaw’s vibrant solo career.

So, of course, this was going to be a show to remember. Then add beloved NYC bands French rockers Champagne Superchillin’ and indie heartthrobs Las Rosas to the bill and it was a what-the-fuck kind of a good show.

The show’s lineup was stacked with talented and unique musicians, and bursting with good vibes. Everyone on stage was as tight as family and the crowd got a contact high from these beautiful friendships.

When Champagne Superchillin’ took the stage, everyone in the audience was already sporting a huge smile. Good vibes were hovering around the room like a dense haze. Frontwoman Juliette Bambino danced into the spotlight before the music even started. She was contagious. The entire crowd swayed along with her while she sang her romantic French ‘60s-pop inspired songs.

Las Rosas walked onto a stage highlighted with disco balls and bejeweled drums wearing sparkles and bolo ties. The house lights went off and the disco lights went wild. Las Rosas shredding through their insanely catchy melodies and minds were voluntarily lost. They played tight and precise, but made sure to keep the night’s love-thy-neighbor vibe going strong. Band buddy Tall Juan cameo-ed for a song.

When Las Rosas ended, the frontman changed his shirt and went right back on stage to play guitar for Shannon Shaw. Shaw’s band was stacked. At least nine people were on stage at any point in the set. Shaw had The Nude Party’s Sean Couture on acoustic guitar and Austin Brose on drums, Las Rosas shedder Jose Boyer on electric guitar,  High Waisted’s Andrea Scanniello on keys, Joan Gray, Joey Twolegs and Andy Animal from Brooklyn Bluebirds sang backup vocals, and Mark Cisneros from Kid Congo Powers kept the room moving with brass and percussion. It was a huge family of beautiful people making a huge and amazing sound.

A young girl next to me kept screaming, “this is so good, it’s crazy” and then would scream-cry the lyrics along with Shaw. It was beautiful. Everyone was just so happy to be there with each other that nothing could’ve possibly killed the spirits.

Backstage came alive between each set. All the bands and friends of bands laughed and drank together before heading back out to play or support each other.

Coming down from all these good vibes gave me a headache this morning. Or maybe it’s a hangover. We did all go out drinking for backup singer Joan Gray’s birthday after the shows so …