Remembering Live Shows with Nightshift Sounds

It feels like we’ve been living pandemic life for centuries, but it really hasn’t even been a whole year yet.


If we don’t continue with social-distancing, wearing masks, and other mitigation efforts, then who knows the next time we’ll be allowed to hug all our friends and family. Here at BTRtoday, one of the biggest things we miss is seeing live shows. Like, wow did we take that for granted. Being able to see two shows a night in NYC felt so normal. Now it seems like a distant memory.

Allow us to get back into the show-hopping spirit by reminiscing on some of our favorite live shows we were able to attend in the past few years pre-coronavirus. Heck, we were even able to catch some at the beginning of 2020 before the COVID-19 shit hit the fan.

Going on tour with bands, SXSW, DIY shows, NYC venues—my goodness, we miss it all. So here’s to good ol’ days and hoping we can return to them soon.

The Sultan Room Lifts Every Vote By Streaming NYC Bands Rockin’ On Their Rooftop

This time was special because it was the first live music we got to experience in months. Even though it was an audience of one, it still felt so good.


Thick Shows the D.I.Y. Vibe Lives On No Matter the Venue

This was one of the last normal live shows we got to catch before 2020 took a major turn—and it was with some of our favorite girls, Thick, Gymshorts, and Dropper. *sigh*


Halloweeeee! Kicked Off the NYC Halloween Shenanigans

This kicked off our favorite holiday last year, Halloween. The performances were amazing, the DJ set killer, and the costumes unbelievable. We missed those festivities SO much this year.


Max Pain & The Groovies Took Me to Utah & All I Got Was This Fried Brain

I told you we really like Halloween. Last year the celebrations went as far as a little trip with psych-rockers Max Pain & The Groovies to their home turf in Salt Lake City, Utah for an epic show.


Glitter Bombed at High Waisted at Sea 5 ‘the Final Booze Cruise’

We’ve been going to this party on the Hudson for years, so when they announced their final boat party last year, it was not to be missed. And it was amazing—duh!


Going Ape at London’s All Points East Festival

Remember when we were allowed to travel? It makes us laugh from sadness. Last year we went all the way to London, England to catch our NY boys The Nude Party and hit up the All Points East music festival. What a time.


Pazzi Prom Was Prom For NYC Misfits

Our music journalist helps set this one up for her friend and NYC artist Alberto Pazzi. It actually happened again this year, but we were so involved we didn’t post about it. But the first one from 2019 was just as epic!

Flasyd’s Debut with The Crack Pipes and Vacay Ultra

We’re going back to 2018 now when we caught Flasyd’s very first show. They played with Vacay Ultra and pioneer rockers The Crack Pipes. Now, they’re pioneering their own scene of punks. How time used to fly when you could mosh every night.

Two Music Cities & A Punk Rock Native Sun

Also in 2018, we hit the road to Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. with some of our most beloved NYC rockers, Native Sun. It was “music city, baby!” every step of the way and we’ll never forget it.

An Intimate, Trippy Meltasia

We’ve hit this festival every year since it came to New York. But this year? My heart is still broken. Here’s when we went in 2018 and thrived off sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and polaroids.


28 Hours On The Road With Thick

We love to party with Thick so much that back in 2018 we decided to pile into a car with them for a 28-hour road trip and just one epic show in Nashville, Tenn. Totally worth it.

Baby’s First SXSW

We’ll end here even though the list of amazing shows we’ve been to could go on forever. This year, cancelling our SXSW plans made us realize COVID-19 was something very serious. We started working from home, wearing masks, and every future live show was put on hold indefinitely. Back in 2018, it was our music journalist’s very first SXSW experience—she toured up with Champagne Superchillin’ and BOYTOY and stayed with The Nude Party at the festival. Just looking back at this is bringing tears to our eyes.

We can’t wait to crowd surf and party with you and all our favorite bands again soon. Until then, stay safe out there everybody!