Raw Rock ‘N’ Roll With The Black Lips

If they’re not pure rock ‘n’ roll then nothing is.

Last week The Black Lips played Music Hall of Williamsburg with The Nude Party and Diet Choke. Every band brought 100 percent to the stage—filling the atmosphere with energy and excitement. It wasn’t one of those shows where each band is trying to show off and/or one-up each other. Instead, the bands complemented each other completely, and everyone was fueled purely by passion.

I actually stood in one spot the entire time so I could absorb the entire performance. I didn’t even leave to refresh my drink.

Diet Choke spilled blood. Well, fake blood, on themselves and the audience. The Nude Party, like they do, woke up even the sleepiest of souls in the venue and got everyone moving and singing along. And, of course, The Black Lips started a magnificent riot of extremely happy moshers and crowd surfers.

It definitely wasn’t a night for the weak hearted.

Diet Choke’s punk rock is dirty and bursting with angst. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone left with a black eye because of them.

The Nude Party is always a good time, and I mean always.

It’s six rambunctious guys with no perception of mortality, so it’s impossible for it not to be wild every time. Their sound is perfect for sticky summer nights of getting accidentally too drunk and finding yourself on a random rooftop watching the sunrise. So, it was no surprise that everyone was swaying to their catchy melodies, with mouths in the crowd letting out puffs of (probably weed) smoke while singing along.

The Black Lips, a favorite of BTRtoday’s, play every show like it’s the end of the world.

They got everyone in the venue to let go of their grudges or anxieties that night and get lost in some real rock ‘n’ roll—if even just for a moment. They played hits like “Dirty Hands” and “Can’t Hold On” and got everyone hooked. They conveyed the same kind of energy and passion as when I first saw them back in 2013.

The Nude Party just got back from the studio working on their sophomore album and are kicking off tour and The Black Lips are heading to Europe at the end of this month—catch them in a town near you.