Punkers Rock Out To Help Puerto Rico At Honduras & Ice Balloons Show

Gone are the days when punks are seen solely as delinquents.

Though originally considered too dirty for society, punks are now showing their sweet side. Just the other day I took my mom to a D.I.Y. venue that she said reminded her of the old school punk days, except one thing was different; everyone was super kind and respectful.

The Puerto Rico benefit show at Union Pool with Honduras, Ice Balloons, Chorizo and Blood Cultures raging on stage, and DJ Jonny Persuasion spinning vinyl between sets, was no exception. Proceeds from drink deals and homemade Puerto Rican flag patches also contributed to the cause.

Ice Balloons

The night was full of sweet guys and gals playing music to advocate for PR. The event page read, “it’s out of the news, but it’s not over!” And the bands kept shouting into the microphone, “vive Puerto Rico.”

Goodness aside, the bands still shredded on stage, jumped, shrieked and wailed and intimidated everyone with their unique edge.

Chorizo slithered through their set like a viper, hardly even taking a breath between songs. It kept the energy flowing and growing. They stormed the stage in Zorro masks and hit the drums hard while frontman O.J. howled their Spanish and English lyrics into the mic like a madman.

Imagine if Jeff Goldblum’s character from The Fly started a band with the guys from The Cramps. That band would be Ice Balloons. Ice Balloons’ live performance is always stimulating. The lead singer wore a fly mask made from giant red papier-mâché fly eyes while he buzzed around the crowd thrashing his arms and screaming guttural and unnatural screams.

Honduras’ set was like a cooler/more contemporary Sex Pistols. How is that even possible? They showed no mercy on stage falling to their knees while playing, thrashing their instruments about inches from whacking each other. Their unique melodies boiled blood and made love all in one.

Though the bands punkness is at intimidating levels, they still project kindness. They provided a vibe for the night that was uplifting, yet murderous.


If you missed the show and your chance to help PR out through the power of punk, no worries—donate to these three organizations that the show helped out: Serve PR, Island People Recovery and Operation Time To Shine.