Pazzi Prom Was Prom For NYC Misfits

If you sat with the punks, goths, rockers or freaks at high school lunch, you probably didn’t attend your own prom, due to detention, suspension or general apathy.

Now all those misfit teens have graduated and moved to Brooklyn, NY. And they’re doing prom on their own terms.

Recently, a fellow ex-rebellious teen/reformed rebellious young adult told me he’d never been to prom. Other showrat friends and mosh-buddies also said they’d never gone to prom. Right then and there we agreed to throw a prom for us Brooklyn scumbags and call it “Pazzi Prom” in honor of our friend Alberto Pazzi’s birthday (an artist and famous meme clown).

Thanks to the prom committee (shout out to Lindsey Gardner, Lane M. Pope, Jennifer Hussey, Amina Sule, Jimena García Vázquez and myself) Brooklyn hosted the most epic punk rock prom anyone’s ever seen. Baby’s All Right hosted an open bar and photo booth both supplied by Ilegal Mezcal to go along with the prom committee’s killer lineup.

If you’re going to dance the night away, you’ve got to look the part. That night, we gave our ripped jeans and dirty band tees a rest. I found a $9 thriftstore gown; fashion-industry connected friends borrowed higher-end formal gear. All of us painted on makeup and brushed our hair out.

Miranda & The Beat opened with a set that mixed originals with covers of romantic classics like “Give Him A Big Kiss” and “Leader of The Pack” by The Shangri-Las—for the latter, they were joined on stage by Gnarcissists bassist Nazar Khamis riding a cardboard motorcycle. Then the zaddies of the night, Yaasss, stirred up trouble with their falafel rock before Gnarcissists literally bloodied up some faces in a chaotic mosh on the floor. Lips were gloriously busted and heads were properly bashed.

Before Native Sun ended the show, Principle Goldtouch (aka Bryan Janiczek) presented the night’s prom king and queen and told the crowd, “if you’re gonna do drugs, make sure you do it with me or else I’ll see you in my office.” Native Sun reminded us that even though we were dressed for dinner next door at Peter Luger Steakhouse, on the inside we’ll always be those angsty teens ready to rumble.

The angst was even more evident at the after party. We all spilled into the dirty and grungy dive bar Alphaville to down beer and shot deals and sing some makeshift karaoke.

Photographer Allen Ying, dressed in a fashionable floral gown, captured all the beautiful madness—check out the rest of the photos below.