Nobunny For Easter

As a child, the giant Easter bunny my parents forced me to take a picture with terrified me. I never would’ve guessed Nobunny was the kind of holiday mascot I needed.

Nobunny is a rock ‘n’ roll band armed with decrepit rabbit masks on their faces, muddy carrots dangling from their microphones and a pair of dirty underwear on their butts or a beautifully chic dress draped over them. They play fast, catchy and fearlessly.

This Easter Sunday/April Fools Day Nobunny set the night on fire—quite literally.

In Williamsburg’s Diviera Drive, Cheap Sneakers, Chorizo and Nobunny helped a rowdy group of Brooklynites celebrate the holiday. As an avid show rat, I was blown away that this show wasn’t sold out. All these bands play great music and put on wild live sets.

With the amazing lineup, the show not being sold out and a beer and a shot deal in Williamsburg, I suspected an April Fool’s Day prank. I was ready to get to the venue and be laughed at and go back home defeated.

But instead I was given the best Easter celebration.

Chorizo was setting up when I waltzed in. This band is also known for their choice in mask-wear. The three-piece (sometimes four-piece) group always wears masks that either belong on a princess going undercover to a masquerade ball or the one and only masked swordsman, Zorro.

This night, they chose white shimmering masquerade masks, which made them appear ready to play ballroom music. But the dainty masks were a set-up for a welcome prank: these guys shredded. The lights flashed dizzily into the crowd’s eyes while they played. It felt like a fairytale of rock ‘n’ roll ecstasy.

Nobunny is the most chaotic performance you’ll ever see. I’ve seen some crazy shit on stage and this is some of the best. Especially this time around, in a small room, with hundreds of people sweating and jumping around while playing hits like “I Am A Girlfriend” and “Gone For Good,” it was way better than an Easter egg hunt.

Nobunny threw eggs into the crowd that cracked open with glitter as small fireworks went off on stage. The drummer even lit his cymbal on fire, which alarmed a few people—I turned around and found that my friend was running to the exit.

But the alarm was worth it. Who wants an Easter basket when you can get greasy musicians setting fires and playing songs that make you bounce around like a rabbit?

Take that, creepy mall Easter bunny monster.