Nautical Nonsense Aboard The Rock ‘N’ Roll Booze Cruise

The best cure for seasickness is booze, confetti and live rock ‘n’ roll.

BTRtoday spoke with High Waisted frontwoman Jessica Louise-Dye not too long before the annual Booze Cruise left port. This year was round four and Dye promised an LSD-inspired shindig that would be like “your birthday, plus New Year’s Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding.”

Jessica Lousie-Dye//High Waisted

BTRtoday was there to take part in the mayhem. Let me tell you—there’s no going back once you start partying on a boat. Literally, you can’t get off the boat until it’s docked again. You can’t leave until the party is over.

But who the hell would want to leave the festivities that happened on this year’s High Waisted At Sea 4: Rock ‘N’ Roll Booze Cruise?

The party boat was docked directly across a very large and very fancy yacht that was also having a get together. We were dressed in our captain’s hats, getting lei’d left and right and drinking free PBRs. The millionaires across the water could only stare with the most envious eyes.


Hypoluxo launched the show once the ship begun its voyage. Their fresh indie/garage sound created the perfect rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere. We cruised around the tip of Manhattan, waved “hi” to the Statue of Liberty and gazed in wonderment while we crossed under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jonny Couch

With the scenery rolling by, Jonny Couch made some serious waves with his true blue rock ‘n’ roll. Seamen and women surfed the crowd along side giant inflatable whales, pineapples and palm trees with beer showering down.

By the time the bathrooms were flooded Titanic style and everyone was having too much fun to even care, High Waisted took the stage and, boy, did Dye keep her promise.

Jessica Louise-Dye//High Waisted

A tsunami of confetti and sparkles hit the crowd. There wasn’t a dull look in sight. Dye’s energy was infectious and everyone was dancing and singing along. We didn’t need the waves to rock the boat; we had rock ‘n’ roll.

When the boat docked the DJ fittingly played “Adieu” from The Sound of Music. Wobbly legs stepped off the boat, everyone was drenched in sparkles and rock ‘n’ roll dreams were made.


We all would’ve willingly gone down with that ship if it came to it.