Mercury Lounge 25th Anniversary with DeGreaser & Colleen Green

Mercury Lounge is known for intimate shows with up-and-coming indie artists. So what better way to celebrate their 25 years of rock ‘n’ roll service than a show with indie sweetheart Colleen Green and face-melters DeGreaser?

DeGreaser, the Florida band that’s bringing heavy metal and shock rock to indie music, kicked the night off in high fashion. Fronted by the charismatic and benevolent king of rock ‘n’ roll kindness Ben Katzman, the band instantly brought the volume and energy levels as high up as they can go. After the first song, Katzman smiled and shouted, “my mom’s here tonight” before introducing the band, “this is Kiko Casanova also on the shred stick, he’s an Aquarius, Natalie [Laura Hernandez] on the jam sledge, Sagittarius, and Michael [Loofa Muller] on the rock cannons, Aries.”

Oh, and if you were wondering, Katzman is an Aries.

Katzman idolizes Kiss and Mötley Crüe but where those pop metal icons are preoccupied by sex and dominance, DeGreaser preaches kindness, love and being chill with yourself. One of DeGreaser’s most raging tunes also happens to have a beautiful life lesson of appreciating inner beauty, called “Kindness Is Hot.” Co-written by Colleen Green, who joined them on stage for the performance, the song had heads banging and the sign of the horns thrown up while everyone sang “be cool, be nice, be chill, that’s tight” and Katzman’s “shred stick” bled thrills and chills.

Before, between and after sets Mercury Lounge didn’t just get any ‘ole someone to set the mood—they got the members of another up-and-coming NYC indie band Guerilla Toss to spin the tunes. So the rocking didn’t stop even for a moment.

After the fireball of energy that is DeGreaser was done, Colleen Green took the stage.

Alone and front and center, Colleen Green donned her shades and was armed only with an iPad of backing instrumentation and her guitar that had “Happy birfday Jeff” painted in rainbow on it. (Who is Jeff? I have no idea.) Though by herself up there she made this quintessential venue burst with music that sounded as if a whole band was with her.

Colleen Green isn’t as Metalocalypse as DeGreaser, but she brought another kind of rock to the show and made everyone swoon with her power chord pop. Including the mysteriously large number of middle-aged dudes at the front of the crowd—a strange demographic for a girl who sings music like your classic ‘90s rocker heartthrob. Green’s voice is like a combo of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan and Charly Bliss’ Eva Hendricks that pairs perfectly to melodies similar to Nirvana or The Ramones. Her guitar stayed distorted while her vocals stayed smooth. I even saw some of the middle-aged dudes mouthing along to “I Wanna Grow Up,” singing, “I wanna grow up, I really do, because I’m sick of being immature”—which, I found a little ironic, considering they were already grown ass men.

After DeGreaser and Colleen Green, Guerilla Toss kept things groovin’ on the speakers. Shots were taken as we all partied in honor of Mercury Lounge and the home it’s given for rock. The rock isn’t stopping anytime soon.