Meltasia Melted Some Faces Off

You don’t truly know what an all night party is until you’ve gone to Meltasia.

Run by the infamous Andy Animal, Meltasia mastermind and go-to underground music badass, it’s a music festival that gathers some of the coolest bands and people you’ve ever met. Last year was its first run in Upstate NY and was held in an abandoned zoo. This year, Animal brought the festivities to the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, NY—and the pandemonium never stopped.

Sweet Kallan lounging by the pool

The hosts Pete and Pete (yes, the two boys from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, but now they’re all grown up) and headliners Raekwon, Roky Erickson and Pissed Jeans made Meltasia one of the most epic music festivals of the year. It was riddled with amazing bands like Giuda, Sun Voyager, A Giant Dog, Tower, Insecure Men, and so many more. It’ll blow your mind, just check out the entire lineup here. Some of BTRtoday’s favorites were Plastic Pinks, Breanna Barbara, Animal Show and Death Valley Girls.


The bands weren’t the only ones causing chaos. The resort was equipped with a bouncy castle filled with happily bouncing drunken festival-goers, on-site camping and bonfires, a peacock cage with live peacocks hanging out, a swimming pool and a bar with secret guest musicians playing and late night dancing.

Paul Green Rock Academy

I pulled into the parking lot of the resort around 9 p.m. that first night. The second I stepped out of the car I heard Morricone Youth playing the theme from Halloween, was handed a handful of shrooms and a bottle of tequila and saw the happiest conga line heading my way.

Breanna Barbara

This is no exaggeration, my actual first thought at that moment was, “I’ve never seen a happier place.”

It was like I had died and entered rock ‘n’ roll heaven. Everyone oozed cool, yet there was no air of intimidation. Band members, bikers and festival-goers were hanging together in harmony like they had just discovered they were best friends. And here’s a curveball—even though we were still in NY, the audience wasn’t your usual jaded, standing-around head-bopping crowd. Everyone was dancing, jumping up and down or spitting beer like it was the end of the world.

Plastic Pinks

Golf carts toppled, shirts came off and everyone let loose. It felt like the laws didn’t apply to Meltasia. Imagine The Purge, but instead of everyone wanting to murder people, everyone just wanted to have a good time.

Animal Show

I left with my face actually feeling like it was melting off. Could it be because I abused substances a little too much, didn’t get a sufficient amount of sleep and only ate crap the entire time? Maybe. But I’d like to believe it was because Meltasia was just that epic.

Festival-goers in the bouncy castle

No regrets.